sábado, 26 de octubre de 2013

RE: Greetings to you and your family

Greetings to you and your family as this letter may come to you as a surprise due to the fact that we have not yet met. I have to say that I have no intentions of causing you any pains. As you read this,

My Name is Macus Donald,am seeking your assistance only on humanitarian basis.I was diagnosed with Cancer only to discover that it has done much harm than it could ever be treated. I want you to assist me ensure that my estate and money is been used for Orphanage Home Project.

I will need you to promise to keep whatever you learn from me between us, Please get back to me indicating your interest in assistance.

Best Regards,
Mr.Macus Donald,
My Private E-mail Address: macus.donald2015@gmail.com

martes, 1 de octubre de 2013

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